Free Diagnostic

You'll get unlimited free diagnostics! Bring your car in for any concern you have and we'll diagnose the issue for no charge! That's a value of $85 per visit! 

Free Engine Code Scan

Check Engine light came on? No worries! Bring it in to us and we'll hook up our computer scanner and diagnose all faulty codes. That's a value of $85 per visit! 

Free Oil Changes

During an oil service, we will change the engine oil and filter, perform a complete safety inspection, check and top off all fluids, and adjust tire pressure every 6 months or 6,000 miles for free using the recommended full synthetic or conventional oil. That's a value of an average of $250/yr for synthetic oil.

Free Loaner Car

Any time you get work done you'll have access to a free loaner  car! 1 hour or 1 week, you'll always have a free car available to you! That's a value of $30 per day! 

Free Tire Rotations

We recommend a tire rotation every 6 months to help your tires wear evenly and last for as long as possible. Your membership will include 2 free tire rotations per year at a value of $65/yr. 

10% Off All Labor

As a Silver Member you'll receive 10% off labor on all work scheduled with us!

$50 Credit

Last but not least, as our thank you to your loyalty you'll receive $50 in credit towards any maintenance work! That's a free $50/year!